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Haruka's Manager Name Medley


[Free! ES Radio CD 1 Summary by damenin]:

there’s another “manager name medley” where they read nicknames of the ones who send e-mails full of Free! love. Usually the nicknames are about the guest seiyuu and their characters. This time the nicknames are for Haru and Nobunaga-these have never been read in the actual web radio. Hirarin and Tsubasa read the nicknames and Nobunaga gives a reply. Here are the names read:

"I want to be Haru-chan’s swimsuit" (Haru:”Be tight on me, okay?”); "I want to be the fridge in Haru-chan’s house" (Haru:”Is it all right even if it smells fishy?”); “I want to be the dolphin figure from Haru-chan’s house” (Haru:"Let’s get in the bath together"); "I want to make Haru-chan my adopted child"(Haru:”Build a pool in the house!”); "I want Haru-chan’s underwear or swimsuit"(Nobunaga: "No way!"); "I want to be Nobunaga’s owner" (Nobunaga:"Hmphf!").

They tease him again asking if he’d be okay with Tatsu being his owner. And they say Tatsu’s the only one. Tsubasa says it’s like a cat being prickly when you call it (the “hmph”)




Nagisas mom, more like get the fucking salt


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